Making a contribution to the protection of the world is easy, you just need to have a will to do it. We can help you find the right ways you can protect the planet Earth.

We are a company that focuses on educating people and opening their eyes to see the damage they are doing to our planet. Our goal is to create a world where people actually care about the health of the planet. In order to achieve that, we need your help.


In "Planet Protectors" our educators bring activity-based challenges to help young people demonstrate and "discover" scientific principles. Participants find themselves building solar racing cars, searching daily for earthquakes around the world, assessing the inhabitants of a single tree, tracking the energy uses of their school building, or using hand-held computers to map a portion of local open space for species and habitat types.

We find that educating people about protection of the planet has a huge impact and we feel like we are doing some changes. People, especially young adults need to understand the benefits and advantages of living on a healthy planet. Once people start understanding that they will change the way they live, and they might start paying more attention to the protection of the planet.

Programs and Projects

Ocean Explorers

This is a programme that we have just recently brought here because we have to educate people also about the life in the water. Oceans offer a huge space for new discoveries because we humans don’t pay enough attention to the oceanic life. There are so many great things that we can learn just by observing.

Planet Protectors

Implementing "Planet Protectors," our standards-based science program that focuses on such topics as oceans, rainforest biodiversity, climate change, the lives of primates, gardens, and foods… Our students gain and learn a new skill quite often in order to be able to take part of some of the group actions to conserve resources.

The Teen Green Teams

e" inc. has just launched "The Teen Green Teams," a new program for teens in Mattapan. "e" inc. has always been committed to involving youth in opportunities to save earth's species and resources. Last fall, we were awarded funds from the Mass Cultural Council YouthReach program to launch a pilot.

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