As mentioned many times previously, we are an organization that is basically focusing on educating people from all ages about the importance of planet protection. We really want to create a better world by increasing the awareness of the damage that we people are doing to the world each day. Nowadays, the technology has advanced so much that we are actually able to replace a lot of harmful things in our lives that would drastically affect the health of our planet. The key thing is to educate people about that and make them start using that technology because it is far more beneficial for both them and the health of the planet.

Different Lifestyle

One of the things that these advanced technologies will require from you is to change up your lifestyle just a little bit. You have to believe in us, we are speaking from personal experience, we know how hard it is to change the way you do things every day, but if you want to live a healthier life and you want to protect the planet Earth, then you need to sacrifice some of the harmful things or items that you use. There is a solution to everything that you need to change and most of the time when you change something, you will only then realize what you have been missing out on. We hope that our educational programmes will help a lot of people to understand better the benefits of planet protection.


Welcome to "e" inc., an environmental science learning & action center whose pairing of science education with community action leads to an environmental change in urban communities. Our Mission: To create dynamic environmental citizens committed to understanding and protecting the Earth. We fulfill this mission by inspiring science competency and developing capable and confident individuals able to take immediate and sustained action to protect our planet. Our Belief: "e" inc. believes that determined young people, along with their caregivers and families, can change the shape of our global future through the use of knowledge and action.