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"Planet Protectors": the "e" inc. After School Program

"e" inc. in after schools with "Planet Protectors" - an exciting program that links environmental science to environmental action.

"e" inc. is working with after schools in urban Community Centers, Public Schools, and Charter Schools to bring "Planet Protectors" - our standards-based science programs on energy, habitats, ocean biodiversity, or climate change that culminate in solution-driven actions - to children and teens.

In residence for 36 sessions, the "e" inc. staff educators work with site staff and teams of 10-to-15 students to explore earth's resources and to formulate hands-on community projects during our ten-lesson curriculums.

Children and teens do experiments, collect data, make observations of animal behavior, investigate and debate ideas, employ creativity and artistry to solve science problems, take on challenges, experience inquiry-based assessments, and become observers and actors in their world.

In "Planet Protectors" our educators bring activity-based challenges to help young people demonstrate and "discover" scientific principles. Participants find themselves building solar racing cars, searching daily for earthquakes around the world, assessing the inhabitants of a single tree, tracking the energy uses of their school building, or using hand-held computers to map a portion of local open space for species and habitat types.

Simultaneously, our students begin to translate their skills and confidence into action. Each week, team members make change in their class, their homes, their school building, and even the wider community. With every lesson, our "Planet Protectors" broaden their reach and widen the scope of how they can make a difference.

At the end of the school year, all "e" inc. participating sites come together to demonstrate their learning and outcomes in a community showcase and celebration. Curious about involving your school? Call: (617) 227-1522.

Want to see us in action? Click this link to watch a WBZ-TV piece on "e" in after schools or for a demonstration of our Oceans program.


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