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"Planet Protectors": Our Accomplishments

"e" inc. is dedicated to helping students become positive actors for the environment, starting right in their own communities. Here are some examples of the many actions that our "Planet Protectors" have taken as a first step toward becoming lifelong, committed environmental citizens:
  • public service announcements
  • letter-writing campaigns
  • personal pledges
  • pledge walls
    • Students collect pledges taken from friends, family, and neighbors that detail their commitment to act positively for the environment.
  • large topic-specific school projects - Examples:
    • In the rainforest program, students have initiated school-wide recycling campaigns and installed educational campaigns around the rainforest destruction caused by eating fast-food hamburgers
    • In the global warming program, students have monitored and lowered their schools' energy use.
In June, all those students who successfully complete the "Planet Protectors" curriculum are invited to participate in an end-of-year ceremony at the "e" inc. headquarters where they can celebrate their positive contributions and learn about the accomplishments of "Planet Protectors" from other local communities.

A demonstration of our Oceans program will be online soon.


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