The Learning Room
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The Learning Room

Disclaimer: Our registration system is new and we are still working out some of the kinks. If you have any issues registering, or have not received a confirmation email within 48 hours of registering please contact our office manager Alisa, at We can't wait for you to experience the wonderful exhibits we've been working on!

The "e" inc. staff are busy developing The Learning Room, a one-room schoolhouse designed to teach the general public about the science of sustainability-how it works in biological systems and how it can work in day-to-day life.

The Learning Room is a new and unique concept in education and outreach. In addition to directly educating visitors about what sustainability is and the many ways it can affect individual lives, The Learning Room will also be a consultation and training site, helping local teachers to become more conversant with the science of sustainability, supporting participating schools in planning and carrying out their own sustainability projects, and giving local youth structured opportunities to become mentors to visiting children helping them understand the science of the environment.

In its capacity as a direct learning site, The Learning Room will function in much the same way as an exhibition space functions in a museum. It will have stations along the walls for individualized learning and exploration on one set of topics; these stations will include activities such as games, reconstructions, specimens to investigate, aquaria, and observation areas. In the center of the room, there will be our investigation stations outfitted for experiments on specific sustainability topics. There will also be a "Make Something Useful out of Recycled Materials" area. Finally, a separate area will be set up for children and adults to explore types of civic involvement; from writing letters to creating petitions.

During visits, children will receive lessons and participate in guided inquiries with the help of "e" staff educators. Exhibit ideas for the room may include:

The Biodiversity of: 1 Tree, 1 Log, 1 Corner of the Pond, 1 Mountain Top

Here comes the Sun -Renewable Energies.

It doesn't exist in the Wild just because you see it on TV

Action! Action! How to do it.

A Sustainable House. Build it-Test it!
The Learning Room will aim to get visitors personally involved in making a difference in their communities. Classes that visit will receive a free consultation from the "e" staff back at their school on a project to green their classroom.

We will present all issues in our signature, hands-on way, using such activities as artwork, experiments, demonstrations, journal writing, "field" observations, data analysis, storytelling, and even detective work or tracking to help visitors understand the science of their world. As with "e" inc.'s other programs, The Learning Room will take a dynamic approach that supports all learning styles.

Progress Update: We have a team of committed volunteers, consisting of an architect, educators, a science advisor, and a designer, who are all working intensively on organizing the layout and content of the room, as well as formulating the written lessons and trainings for teachers. We're also working on active outreach to spread the word about The Learning Room and to interest schools and community groups in its programs. Please continue to check for updates as the project continues to grow and evolve!

If you are interested in learning more about The Learning Room, contact Dr. Ricky Stern at or 617-227-1522.

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