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Since its inception, "e" inc. has worked to build exciting genuine partnerships with community organizations, bringing our distinctive hands-on curriculums and action projects to every neighborhood in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.
  • "e" inc. has just launched "The Teen Green Teams," a new program for teens in Mattapan. "e" inc. has always been committed to involving youth in opportunities to save earth's species and resources. Last fall, we were awarded funds from the Mass Cultural Council YouthReach program to launch a pilot. These monies allowed us to partner with a community center in Mattapan, work regularly with the Youth Workers stationed there, and begin a 13-member team of teens who worked with us daily on science, community action, community assessment, and teaching others. To date the outcomes we have achieved include recycling programs at the center, community assessments and door to door surveys, a recycling structure for the local neighborhood, a green map of the area, a large garden where there was a derelict space.

  • A large portion of our focus remains on working with after school programs. In urban community centers, community learning centers, public schools, and charter schools, "e" inc. is implementing "Planet Protectors," our standards-based science program that focuses on such topics as oceans, rainforest biodiversity, climate change, the lives of primates, gardens and foods, and our latest addition, "The world outside your window." Each week, in addition to understanding the science that drives their specific topic, students at every site gain the skills they need to take part in a set of actions to conserve resources in their school or community.

  • During the summer, "e" inc. brought "Ocean Explorers" to local camps of the Boston Community Centers and to such national providers as the BELL Foundation's summer pilot programs for boys in Boston. “e” inc. also began a program in the woods for children that allowed them to ‘get down and dirty” with a lovely City Wild. – the Allendale Woods.

  • Since Al Gore's film, "The Inconvenient Truth," "e" inc. has appreciated the concept of a workshop presentation for small groups to help them achieve global warming awareness and the need for broad public action. To meet this need head on, "e" inc. has created a Global Warming Workshop for classrooms in elementary and middle schools in the Greater Boston area. To date we have involved young people in classes in Boston, Chelsea, Braintree, Sharon, and Cambridge.

  • • Over the past year, "e" inc. has begun to bring its programming to public day schools. "e" inc. educators understand the science kit curriculums already being offered in classrooms. Our aim is to complement these lessons with sessions that enrich and extend the content and use our dynamic programming style and our commitments to experiential learning and to action outcomes.

In the works:

"e" is working on the creation of the "Learning Room" - a one-room-schoolhouse that will be dedicated to teaching the theme of sustainability to school classes weekdays and to families on weekends. Stay tuned for more information.

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